Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix – Aussie-Corgi

Just like many other designer breeds that are coming up, the Aussie-Corgi is a hybrid that comes from breeding the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

If you are thinking of adopting this dog, it would be best to read up on his parents. Since you do not know just how much percentage of their personalities would your dog inherit.

What can you expect from your Aussie-Corgi dog?

The good thing that has come from breeding these two is that you get an awesome dog that is not as hyper as Corgis. So, you are bound to find an active, playful and friendly dog by your side. They tend to be relaxed in their outlook, thanks to the Australian Shepherd in them.

The dog works well with small children and is comparatively friendly with most people, so if you have a family, or are planning to start one in, say, next fifteen years, this dog would work well for you. This breed is also animal-friendly and would have no problem in adjusting to any other pet that you might have.


The Corgi Australian Shepherd mix has a fluffy coat and pricky ears. His body is slightly shorter than a Corgi’s, although his legs are longer. They are found in various colors and can have markings. While their nose is always black, their eyes are of various shades.

Aussie Corgi Pictures


Your Corgi Aussie mix is affectionate, loving, intelligent, slightly hyper, and is prone to being stubborn. This is extremely attached to his owner, so does not do well with long times of separation. When you get him, you need to ensure that at least one of “his” people are with him for maximum time.

Since this dog is quite energetic, you cannot treat him as a lap dog. He would need a lot of exercise on a daily basis. In case you do not provide enough exercise, he will become bored, and then you will be blamed if he chews off your valuables. If you are lucky enough to get your dog when he is just a pup, be sure to spend time socializing him.

Australian shepherd corgi mix breed dogs are easily trainable, and their intelligence helps them understand and follow commands quite easily. You will be surprised at how fast they learn.

  • Size: On an average, this dog grows up to ten to thirteen inches.
  • Weight: Your adult dog would weigh anywhere between twenty to thirty pounds.  
  • Health Issues: Generally, hybrid dogs have lesser health issues than breed dogs. While on the whole, your dog is pretty healthy, just keep an eye on his eyes and back, they are known to give him trouble, especially as he ages.
  • Maintenance: This breed requires minimal maintenance. In order to maintain his coat, you should brush him weekly.
  • Ideal House Size: A house with a yard is preferred as this breed is active.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Just keep an eye on your dog, if you detect any unusual behavior, smell, or just about anything that might seem a bit “off,” it is better to take him to the vet ASAP. It might not be anything, but if it is, you might have saved his life.
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is that you socialize him as early as possible to any particular situations that he might have to face in future. This would enable him to become more confident and live an overall happy life.
  3. The more stable and happy life you can give him, the more healthy he will be. Remember, your dog understands your body language, so you need to lead by example.

Getting a dog is a huge commitment. When you decide to get a dog, especially an Aussie-Corgi, please keep in mind that he is not an accessory or a companion till the circumstances in your life changes. He is a forever dog. If you are not sure where you would be in the next 10 years, it would be better if you put off buying the dog until you are sure. You may not want to see your dog in a shelter.

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